reggie williams

Reggie L. Williams

Reggie L. Williams received a 2015 First Book Grant for Minority Scholars for his project Harlem Renaissance Literature and Theology: Jesus and the Recovery of Humanity. Reggie shares with LI about his current work and his first book, Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance Theology and an Ethic of Resistance.

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neomi deanda

Neomi De Anda

Neomi De Anda is a 2014 First Book Grant for Minority Scholars recipient for her project A Theology of Breast Milk: A Latina Perspective. According to Neomi, “The breadth of connections which can be made between theology and breast milk and breastfeeding were much larger than I expected.”

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cody sanders

Rev. Cody J. Sanders

The Rev. Cody J. Sanders received a 2014 Dissertation Fellowship for his project Re-Visioning the Care of Souls: The Praxis of Pastoral Care in the Context of LGBTQ Suicide. Cody shares about his dissertation and how that work is shaping his pastoral ministry.

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jared alcantara

Jared E. Alcántara

Jared E. Alcántara received a 2013 Dissertation Fellowship for his project Toward an Intercultural Improvisatory Homiletic: The Preaching of Gardner C. Taylor.

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rick elgendy

Rick Elgendy and Asa Lee

Dr. Rick Elgendy (2014-15 Postdoctoral Fellow) is Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology at Wesley Theological Seminary. With Joshua Daniel, Rick is co-editor of a forthcoming volume on political theology:Renegotiating Power, Theology, and Politics. The Rev. Dr. Asa Lee is Associate Dean for Community Life at Wesley Theological Seminary.

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adam ployd

Adam Ployd

Adam Ployd (2013-14 Postdoctoral Fellow) is Assistant Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Eden Theological Seminary and author of Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church: A Reading of the Anti-Donatist Sermons. LI asked Adam to share his perspective on teaching in the context of Ferguson.

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Rebecca DeYoung

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung is Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College. Rebecca received a 2012 Sabbatical Grant for Researchers for her project Resistance to the Demands of Love: Reflections on the Vice of Sloth. She shares with LI about her new book Vainglory: The Forgotten Vice.

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mel bringle

Mary Bringle

Mary Louise Bringle is Professor of Religious Studies at Brevard College. She received a 2014 Sabbatical Grant for Researchers for her project Whatever Became of Envy?. LI asked Mel to share about her project a forthcoming book, Envy: Exposing a Secret Sin (available March 25, 2016).

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benjamin mast

Benjamin Mast

Benjamin Mast, PhD, ABPP, received a 2013 Project Grant for Researchers for his project Opportunities and Barriers in Church-Based Alzheimer’s Care and his book Second Forgetting: Remembering the Power of the Gospel during Alzheimer’s Disease.

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tim otto

Tim Otto

Tim Otto’s book Oriented to Faith: Transforming the Conflict over Gay Relationships was published as a result of his 2012 Pastoral Study Project, Diversity without Division.

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