Collaborative Inquiry Teams

Louisville Institute’s Collaborative Inquiry Team (CIT) program supports teams of pastoral leaders and academic researchers who propose projects to strengthen the life of North American Christian congregations. Teams explore together a living question currently confronting church and society.

Collaborative inquiry teams update

Since 2014 Louisville Institute’s Collaborative Inquiry Team (CIT) program has supported teams of pastoral leaders and academic researchers who commit to explore together “a living question” of vital importance to church and society. Each team designed a research plan to create a “third space” bridging church and academy, inviting participants to share power, responsibilities, and ownership of the process.

Louisville Institute has decided to take a strategic pause from inviting additional grant proposals during the 2021 grant cycle. Rather than funding a new round of CIT grants, the Institute will focus on a) shepherding current teams-in-process; and b) conducting internal and external evaluation of the CIT program. This evaluation work will enable LI’s Advisory Board and staff to learn from the CITs funded to date.