A Systematic Theology for Liberal Protestants

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My project is to complete a two-volume systematic theology that draws on many years of study, teaching, and writing in both church and academy. My approach is theocentric and relational; I correlate basic statements about human beings and world with a portrait of God as Creator and Redeemer. It is pragmatic; I claim that theological reflection contributes to the pastoral formation of people in a faithful way of living by envisioning in relation to God both ourselves and the many objects and others with which we interact. It is revisionary; I argue that we need to recast our language about and understanding of God, world, and humanity in light of contemporary knowledge, especially of our stunningly vast cosmos and the place of our species in nature and the evolutionary sequence of life on Earth. The theology I am developing also supports commitments to justice and reconciliation that shape a robust and faithful participation of Christians and their communities in civil societies. Finally, somewhat like Walter Rauschenbusch's "A Theology for the Social Gospel," my systematic is aimed primarily at liberal Protestants in America who, for all of their admirable practical energy, seem in danger of losing their theological acuity and depth.

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Theology for Liberal Protestants: God the Creator 2013 Book Douglas F. Ottati