Christ and Judaism: A Spectrum of Catholic Theologies

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What are theologians saying about Jesus Christ and the salvation of Jews?

This study examines the ideas of six influential Catholic voices in the Jewish-Christian dialogue of North America: Pope Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger (Chapter 2), Cardinal Walter Kasper (Chapter 3), Monika Hellwig and Gerard Sloyan (Chapter 4), and Mary Boys and John Pawlikowski (Chapter 5).

This project shows that a theologian's view of Christ and Judaism depends on his or her fonn of reliance on the Old Testament, the lessons of history (e.g., the Shoah), and the insights of contemporary Jewish scholars as well as on the New Testament and the Christian tradition.

At the outset (chapter 1), the study places this comparative analysis in the context of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI, and Pope John Paul II. It concludes (chapter 6) by developing Cardinal Kasper's seminal thought that: "At the end of days, Jews and Gentiles will stand shoulder to shoulder and await the Messiah."

This project will generate a book and at least two articles, all of which are intended for general readers as well as for church leaders and academic religious thinkers of all faiths. It will also yield a new undergraduate course on Christ and Judaism as well as public lectures.

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