Jesus' Last Will and Testament: Friendship, Wills, and the Fourth Gospel

“Before Jesus died, he shared with his friends his last will and testament, giving them both gifts and tasks. ”

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About this sabbatical grant for researchers

My projected monograph will examine the ancient intersection of friendship and testation and demonstrate its relevance for the Gospel of John. It will consist of four major parts, plus an introduction and conclusion. Part 1 will be devoted to friendship in the ancient Mediterranean world, looking at ancient Israel, early Judaism, the Greek and Roman worlds, and early Christian uses of friendship language. Part 2 will be on testation, giving emphasis to ancient wills and particularly the so-called “ethical will.” Part 3 will be examine the role of friends in the making and execution of last wills and testaments with an emphasis on friends as heirs and recipients of tasks (such as serving as guardians and caregivers). Part 4 will be devoted to friendship and testation in the Gospel of John.