Redeeming Jesus: The Role of Scripture in the New Cosmology

“Engaging a collaborative research model, "Redeeming Jesus" intends to create a hermeneutical lens for Women Religious that respectfully holds in tension Scripture and the New Cosmology. ”

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Women Religious (Catholic Sisters) are on the forefront of advocating for and engaging with the New Cosmology, which embraces creation as an on-going process but for which concepts like “original sin” and “redemption” are irrelevant. Yet these same women have taken public vows that align them with their congregations and the institutional church and thus with Scripture and Tradition. The question arises: Is there room for the historical Jesus in the New Cosmology? And how might these Women Religious embrace the New Cosmology while also remaining faithful to their original commitments? This project proposes to do a critical review of the relevant literature, to survey Women Religious, and to invite their participation in a process of creating a new hermeneutic through which to read Scripture in light of emerging science and the New Cosmology.

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The Heavens are Telling the Glory of God: An Emerging Chapter for Religious Life Science, Theology, and Mission 2022 Book Laurie Brink
The Differences Among Us: The Results of a Survey on Women Religious and the New Cosmology 2022 Journal Article Laurie Brink
Review for Religious pp. 257-272