“The Millennial Kingdom of the Franciscans in Colonial New Mexico, 1581-1680: Anti-Judaism on New Spain’s Frontier”

“… question is: What role did anti-Judaism play in the religious and political development of the Kingdom of New Mexico in the seventeenth century? ”

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About this sabbatical grant for researchers

This proposal for a sabbatical stipend during the 2017-18 academic year, seeks to explore the history of anti-Judaism in the Kingdom of New Mexico during the seventeenth century, asking what it meant for the Franciscans who governed the area to pin their failures to Christianize the Pueblo Indians on Jews, when in reality few if any actually resided there. The project asks larger questions about anti-Judaism in Christian thought in Spain’s vast empire, in hopes of studying Christian/Jewish relations and inscribing the history of Spanish Christianity in America more fully into narratives about the colonial formation of the US. The Franciscans were not unlike the Puritan Divines of New England. Both were products of the Protestant and Catholic Reformations. Both shared similar fears about the machinations of the anti-Christ in their realms. Both had millennial dreams about what the near future held.