The Spirit in Word and Sacrament: Toward a Pentecostal Sacramental Theology

“… toward liturgical worship and the growing trend of withdrawal from classical Pentecostal communities in favor of joining the historical churches. ”

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About this sabbatical grant for researchers

In recent years, some efforts have been made toward laying the foundations of a viable Pentecostal ecclesiology, rooted within the distinctives of Pentecostal spirituality and liturgical practices. The sense of urgency surrounding these efforts is fueled by the growing awareness that many of the major problems confronting the Pentecostal movement today are essentially ecclesiological in nature. The present project makes an important contribution toward this effort by offering a constructive Pentecostal theology of the sacramental life in dialogue with the Eastern Orthodox tradition, investigating the potential insights offered by Eucharist-centered Orthodox ecclesiology to a Word-centered Pentecostal liturgy.

The research will explore the theological intersections between the two traditions and their ecumenical promise while bringing into a constructive dialogue significant voices within Pentecostal theological inquiry, the liturgical practices and sacramental intuition of Eastern-European Pentecostals (located in traditionally Orthodox geographical regions), and the rich theological heritage of the Orthodox tradition. The project involves research at St. Vladimir’s Theological seminary, Balkan Orthodox countries and the University of Heidelberg. In addition to being presented at conferences and featured in journal articles, the research will be published as a volume which will serve both scholars and pastors within the North American Pentecostal movement.