Global Christianity: An Introduction

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About this sabbatical grant for researchers

My sabbatical grant project is to write, pilot test, and revise a book on the topic of global Christianity for use at seminaries in the United States. The book will help future ministers acquire a deeper understanding of world Christianity and a more nuanced perspective regarding the contemporary global religious terrain in general. Most American seminaries are already convinced that world Christianity should be a significant topic of instruction, but many seminaries are uncertain about how to proceed because of the current lack of good teaching materials and because it is difficult to articulate the immediate relevance of the topic to pastoral ministry. This project will address both of these concerns, providing an introductory text on world Christianity designed especially for seminary students and demonstrating its relevance to practical ministry in the United States. The process of writing this book will involve conversation and consultation with professors at a variety of seminaries and schools of theology across the country. These conversations will ensure that the book addresses the teaching and learning needs of both professors and students of world Christianity.

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Global Gospel: An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents 2015 Book Douglas Jacobsen