Prophets Meet Profits: Christian Environmentalism and Free Markets

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About this sabbatical grant for researchers

In response to environmental degradation, should Christians embrace or be suspicious of capitalism and free markets? Many scholars of Christian ecological ethics believe that unchecked economic growth is a root cause of environmental degradation, and so they argue that capitalism must be balanced or challenged with alternative practices and values from the Christian tradition. By contrast, other Christians have learned from economists and political scientists who argue that capitalism is the best path to the innovation required in response to environmental problems, and so call for an expansion of personal freedoms and unregulated markets. This project will consider these arguments and the fundamental choice between them, allowing two scholars to collaborate on the research and writing of a book that helps Christians wrestle with the intersection of economy and ecology: Prophets Meet Profits: Christian Environmentalism and Free Markets. The project and the book will not aim to choose a side, but rather to help Christians think critically about this challenging issue in a way that ends ethical paralysis. It will also offer on-the-ground strategies for North American Christians who take seriously their charge to be stewards of creation.

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An Introduction to Christian Environmentalism: Ecology, Virtue, and Ethics 2014 Book Kathryn D. Blanchard
Kevin J. O'Brien