Diversity, Political Engagement, and American Congregations

“Alienated or Integrated? Do Churched Minorities Share the Same Views as White Churchgoers? ”

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About this project grant for researchers

I propose a national study of the Church in North America through a multi-phase project. The first phase supported by this grant involves adding 9 questions to the upcoming Cooperative Multiracial Politics Survey (CMPS2020). The CMPS is the only survey with oversamples of Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous and LGBTQ respondents (N=20,000). This super-diverse sample allows researchers to identify a super-diverse sample of church attenders. For the first time we can ask key questions about church involvement in society which have largely been asked mainly of White church attenders. Second, we can examine social and political contexts that affect minority church attenders which have never been examined before. Third we can inquire into the specific church attended by minority Christians and create a new sample for a second phase study using the National Congregations Survey. A super-diverse national sample of congregations will provide unprecedented breadth of comparisons between predominantly white congregations and a host of minority congregations.