Women in World Christianity Project: A Mixed-Methods Study of Gender in the World’s Largest Religion

“This project seeks to provide the first-ever global quantitative analysis of women in world Christianity to investigate the notion that it is a "women's movement". ”

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Scholars have stated for decades that women are “more religious” than men. However, there exists very little hard data on women in Christianity—the world’s largest religion. What percentage of Christianity is female? What activities do women undertake? What leadership roles do they have? How do women contribute to the revitalization of church life?

This project seeks to provide the first-ever global quantitative analysis of women in world Christianity. Using a mixed-methods approach, it will take a wide-angle view and a localized snapshot of the status of women in Christianity in North America and worldwide. The core of the project is an electronic survey administered across various Christian networks, denominations, and organizations worldwide. The sample will include Protestants, Orthodox, Independents, Catholics, Pentecostals and Evangelicals. The study will cover at least the five largest denominations of each tradition as well as survey the largest denominations by country. The project will also include interviews with key leaders—both female and male, ordained and lay—about the role of women in their organizations.

Results will be disseminated broadly, assisting scholars, the media, and congregations. The data provided to North American congregations will provide them the opportunity to be self-reflective about women’s roles in the church and to enact changes, supports or programs.

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Women in World Christianity: Building and Sustaining a Global Movement 2023 Book Gina Zurlo