Faith on Campus: Understanding the Religious Lives of U.S. College Students

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The research I propose will explore the religious lives of college students using survey and interview data from the National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR) as well as supplemental interview data from students at targeted colleges and universities. The current state of literature on this subject is fragmented and difficult for religious leaders and congregations to transform into sets of effective practices. My primary goal, then, is to produce scholarship that accurately describes and assesses the religious lives of U.S. college students in a way that substantially furthers academic scholarship and provides an accessible resource for communities of faith. The end result will be a book and several articles that explore how college students conceptualize and practice their religious faith, as well as a thorough examination of how campus social and academic life constrains and enables expressions of religious faith among students. I will seek supplementary funding from the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship to host a mini-conference with the goal of translating social science research on religion and higher education into congregational practices.