Art, Irrationalism, and North American Christianity: Curating Church and Culture Through the Lens of The Cross of Jesus

“Struggling With the Invisible (in visible things). ”

Team Members/Contributors

Omar Isaac Ortiz Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Contact Me

About this pastoral study project

Using art to curate the church/culture convergence, my project consists of pairing mix media art works and Biblical exegesis. Specifically, I will exegete the Gospel-narration of the person, ministry, and death of Jesus of Nazareth (the writing part of the project) in an attempt to understand the historical FATE befalling Jesus as something obtained from the religious and political irrationalism of his day. Subsequently I will look into how the FAITH of Jesus KEPT Him in FILIAL RATIONALITY (both with God and the people), therefore guarding Jesus (not ironically) from an irrational faith: the God/Interest axis.

On the visual front, selected works of art (number to be determined) will explore the themes of Opacity, Self-Deception, and Irrationalism from a Philosophy of Mind perspective. Each work will have a written abstract in order to keep the visual representation in dialogue with its intended theme. By "pairing" above I do not mean to make use of the art works to "lend support" to the Biblical Exegesis in any way since my point is not to craft some Philosophical Theology claim. Instead, I aim to present the viewer/reader with two "side by side" exegetical narrations (visual and written) each standing on their respective ground (philosophical and Biblical). In essence, my vision is to bring to completion an art project that offers critical thinking about the Church/Culture convergence AND to publish an exegetical analysis on the theme of Irrationalism and the (therein obtained) cruciform life, ministry, and death of Jesus of Nazareth.