Prophetic Activism Matters: A Legacy of Black Resistance

“Prophetic Activism dissects the ongoing history of the oppression of people of African descent through the fight for Black lives to matter, empowering the hope for future generations. ”

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About this pastoral study project

Prophetic Activism can be defined as a faith-grounded, liberation-based, "ministry that matters" response to times of crises and their immanent social problems. Over time, it has served as a faithful, liberating reprieve through the actions of black Christians, often engaging participants beyond church walls with little regard for clericalism. An exploration of prophetic activism and its birth and growth out of liberation movements for black people is warranted. My project uses the combination of a Black Lives Matter hermeneutic, employed by womanist theologian Wil Gafney, along with the framework of Necropolitics, theorized by francophone critical theorist Achille Mbembe, as interpretive methods to identify black lives at risk, oppressed, marginalized, and expendable. I seek to expose how prophetic activism, as a faithful response from black Christians, addresses despair. If the church employs transformative actions rooted in prophetic activism, then it will advance the work of justice in its context. The critical ethnographic methods used in my research will address issues of power, inequity, oppression, and marginalization and why black lives should matter to everyone, especially Christians.