A Faith Journey of Prayer, Trauma, and Crisis

“Prayer in a crisis is more often a trauma response, rather than a response of faith. ”

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About this pastoral study project

I aim to write a book that will investigate the function of prayer in the midst of crisis. Through exploring my personal narrative and other case studies and medical documents, I plan to look at my Dad's three month journey in a hospital after his heart was punctured by a doctor, as well as the behaviour of people of faith during COVID-19 and other examples of crises where people pray for justice, but their actions leave out social behavior like eating or voting, which can also help the situation. Both personally and professionally, I notice a large disconnect between praying for healing and protection, and the actions taken in regards to helping the situation. This disconnect leads me to consider that prayer might be a trauma response, rather than a statement of faith that is seen as valiant and courageous. This theological clarification would have faith and health implications for how health messages and spirituality are framed by clergy and health practitioners.