Artists As Culture Makers

“It has become urgent for churches and faith leaders to take seriously the need to nurture artists and creatives as contemplative leaders – out there - in the world! ”

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About this pastoral study project

Art has a powerful, often surprising and sometimes unlikely capacity to prophetically critique, shape and inspire the culture in which it inhabits. I would like to better understand art as social practice and community engagement in order to better serve the spiritual formation of the artists with which we work. By placing readings about the role of biblical prophets, the “Cultural Mandate” of Genesis and the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam alongside an exploration of the role artists have played as agents of change, critique, inspiration, mirror, truth teller and catharsis bearer in modern and contemporary art, I hope to gain insights and tools that can better equip us at Convergence to mentor and disciple artists who feel a connection between their faith and their calling to serve as change agents in the world.