Courage, Compassion, & Christian Community: The Legacy of the Beguines

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About this pastoral study project

I intend to explore the life and legacy of the Beguines, women in the Middle Ages who refused the restrictions of both marriage and the convent, forming communities devoted to prayer and compassionate service. Like Christians today, they confronted the question of how to live faithfully in a time when the ideology of empire ruled, the needs of the poor were cast aside, violence was common, patriarchy had a strong grip, and anti-Muslim hatred was rife.

These courageous disciples have much to teach us about spiritual formation and Christian community, lay leadership and the empowerment of women, persistent presence and hope-drenched prayer. I am seeking a grant to support my writing of a historical novel for young adults based on the Beguines, a series of engagement-and-empowerment retreats for young women rooted in their legacy, and a spiritual pilgrimage to sites related to their inspiring witness.

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Pillar of Fire: A Novel 2020 Book Joyce C Hollyday