Introducing Asian American Theologies

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About this first book grant for scholars of color

Although Asian American Christians collectively comprise the second fastest-growing and most diverse group of Christians in the United States, very little has been written about their theologizing. Responding to this lacuna, this book, Introducing Asian American Theologies, seeks to survey the principal themes, sources, practices, trends, and challenges in Asian American theologies. Chapter one gives a historical overview of Asian American immigration and summarizes the social, cultural, and political issues that concern Asian Americans. Chapter two examines the historical developments of Asian American Christian communities by ethnicity and denomination. Chapter three explores the historical developments and directions of Asian American theologies, identifying principal theologians and their contributions. Chapter four evaluates the common socio-cultural and philosophical themes in Asian American theologies. Chapter five discusses the principal theological perspectives of Asian American theologians, focusing on topics including biblical interpretation, culture and inculturation, soteriology, ecclesiology, liberation, and issues pertaining to racism and gender. Chapter six deals with emerging issues in ecumenism, religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue, mission and evangelism, patriarchalism, and globalization, assessing the impact of elements such as socio-cultural and philosophical-religious traditions, racial-ethnic identities, language, gender, and postmodernity on the development and future prospects of Asian American theologies.

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