Race, Church, and Theological Practices

“… hopeful and faithful responses to this problem? How can we be re-formed into the resilient, bodily life given witness in black church at its best? ”

Team Members/Contributors

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About this collaborative inquiry team

This project sustains the work of a group of scholars and pastors who for the last few years have been generously funded by the Louisville Institute to explore the many ways well-intentioned theological practices contribute to and re-inscribe the exclusionary power of race in U.S. society and to ponder faithful responses to this problem. The first phase of our work together enabled sustained exploration of race, church and theological practice in various places and spaces: academic, ecclesial, and beyond. That journey led us to revelatory experiences in particular church spaces, spaces that opened for us both the deep racial distortions we inhabit together as church, and the resilient, fugitive hope that continues to sustain life even in and amongst that distortion. In this second phase of our work we will do two things: 1) continue our shared journey and exploration, something we feel is vital if we are to resist the “fix it” practices that incline us to easy answers about these mysteries of sorrow, brokenness, and wonder that are unanswerable; 2) develop video presentations where we enter into the church spaces through which we have learned so much and draw upon those spaces to invite others to wrestle with the questions, challenges, and hope that have emerged for us there.