We can provide some initial feedback on your project idea to see if it’s a good fit for our grants. Being specific and focused about what you hope to study will yield more helpful feedback from us. Before you submit a feedback request, please run your idea by trusted colleagues to get their thoughts. Additionally, if your project involves other participants (such as church or community members, or others who will be central to your project), please seek their input before asking for LI feedback.

Have you read the application guide for this grant program? If not, please stop here and review all application information BEFORE submitting a Feedback Request.

What is the name of your current Institution or organization?
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How are you planning to carry out your study? Give a brief overview of where and/or with whom you hope to work, the research methods you might use (e.g., archival research, interviews, surveys, observation, visits, etc.), and why you’ve chosen these strategies (350 words or fewer).

Because we receive many requests for feedback, responses can take several weeks, but we will respond to all feedback requests submitted at least one month prior to the application deadline.

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