We are happy to provide initial feedback to help you determine if your project idea fits our funding criteria. Feedback can help you strengthen your application and discern whether to develop your ideas into a full grant proposal. Please review the grant's application guide before submitting a request for feedback.

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Before submitting your request to LI, share your overview with a few trusted colleagues and get their feedback. Be especially mindful to request feedback from persons who might be participants in your research, especially if they are members of vulnerable or underprivileged groups.

State your project's core question (in the form of a question) and explain its importance to the church in North America. (2-3 sentences)
Describe the context in which you hope to carry out your project. (1 paragraph)
Suggest how you plan to conduct the investigation of your question, including what research strategies you might use (e.g., interviews, surveys, observation, visits, library records). (1 paragraph)

Because we receive many requests for feedback, responses can take several weeks, but we will respond to all feedback requests submitted at least one month prior to the application deadline.

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