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Applying for a Grant

Review the Grant Programs page to get a more in-depth description of a particular grant program in which you may be interested in. If you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to apply, create an account and you will be able to submit your grant application materials online. Once submitted, we will track your application requirements.

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Applying for a Fellowship

The Louisville Institute awards a number of fellowships in response to well-written, persuasive applications. Competitive applicants are instructed to communicate why they are applying to the particular fellowship program, how their academic work informs their interest in theological education, and how it will benefit the larger church.

View examples of our fellowship programs below.

Applying for a Collaborative Inquiry

The Collaborative Inquiry program supports teams of four to six pastors and professors who propose projects to strengthen the life of North American Christian congregations. Each team will spend three years exploring together a question of vital importance to the church. All funded projects should involve substantial opportunity for learning that will benefit the church by addressing a living question the church faces in each of these areas.

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