Hookup Culture: A Christian Ethical Analysis

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While social scientific research on hookup culture is proliferating, there is currently no book on this phenomenon that effectively empowers Christian adolescents and young adults to 1) reflect critically on the media's narrative of sexuality and relationships and its celebration of hookup culture; 2) engage in a theological-ethical analysis of hookup culture; and 3) develop their own religious and moral agency in regard to sexuality and relationships. I wish to write such a book, Hookup Culture: a Christian Ethical Analysis, and employ a bottom-up methodology whereby Christians are given resources to wrestle with deep questions about sexuality, relationships, Christian faith, and human fulfillment, and then discern what is theologically compelling and what they truly desire for themselves. In a postmodern context that is highly suspicious of metanarratives and religious authority, it is no longer effective to present an engaging Christian vision and theological arguments regarding sexuality and life-long committed relationships and simply expect that Christians will believe and live by them. My book’s ultimate objective is to foster Christian adolescents’ and young adults’ religious and moral agency, enabling them to construct and embrace a Christian sexual ethic to which they are deeply committed.

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