The Sound of the Genuine: Howard Thurman's Sermon Series

“… this collection is essential to a full understanding of Thurman’s career as an educator, theologian, minister, and advocate for social justice.  ”

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Howard Thurman was a prominent American theologian and preacher; a prolific and influential writer; one of the principal architects of the modern nonviolent civil rights movement; and a key mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others involved in post-civil rights social activism. This project focuses on Thurman’s sermon series, which were a crucial part of his oeuvre, but which heretofore have not been compiled. This in-depth exploration of the 51-sermon series would become the sixth volume of the five-volume The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman, published by the University of South Carolina Press. The publication of the sermon series would allow for an unprecedented engagement with what are likely the most important of Thurman’s unpublished writings. These sermon series cover topics of enduring significance, such as democracy, social justice, the quest for peace, ecological ethics, and the universal search for meaning in a complex world. This invaluable resource also affords a more nuanced sense of Thurman as a weekly minister, providing a sustained look at his rapport with congregations. This volume will be a welcome resource for lay and ministerial leaders to better appreciate why Thurman is considered one of the most creative preachers of the twentieth century.