Everyday Christianity: An American History

“… clergy and marketed for laypersons, clergy, and students with the goal of getting American Christians to think more historically about their faith. ”

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The last major textbook on American Christianity, Mark Noll’s _A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada_, was published twenty-two years ago. The field of American religious history has changed significantly since Noll published his textbook. One of the most exciting new scholarly trends of the last quarter century has been a renewed focus on the way ordinary Christians have experienced their faith. By fusing the best theoretical work in cultural and social history, practitioners of “lived” or “popular” religion have shed light on the history of spiritual practices among a host of diverse religious communities. This work, which has been mostly written with other scholars in mind, begs for a larger and accessible synthesis. My book project, “Everyday Christianity: An American History,” will set out to provide such a synthesis. In other words, I hope to translate this scholarship into a book that will be read by pastors and people of faith in the hopes that the study of the church's past will deepen the life of the church.