The Family Business: Managing the Demands of Ministry among Clergy Families in the ECC

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This project takes a multi-faceted approach to addressing the need for current research on clergy families and the interest of the Evangelical Covenant Church’s (ECC) Department of Ordered Ministry in developing resources to assist pastors and spouses in managing the pressures and demands of ministry work. The research component expands upon my current, qualitative, interview-based study on the interplay between work, family and religion among clergy families, broadening the ECC sample to include four additional geographic regions. This study is particularly important as it fills a void in sociological discourse recognizing the unique pressures on religious workers alongside the realities of contemporary family life. The second portion of the project focuses on the practical applications of the research and includes both a workshop for clergy families at an annual denominational conference and the development of a written curriculum that will be used to inform stronger care and support mechanisms for clergy families in the denomination. This partnership, which bridges academic and ministry related goals, not only contributes to sociological research, but also aids in fostering healthier family relationships for those involved in ministry work and positively impacts the churches in which the pastors serve.