Have You Considered My Servant Job? Incarnating Questions of Theodicy through Job’s Story and Our Own

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This project is designed to wrestle with the question,” How do we keep faith in situations where God does not seem to have kept faith with us?” In order to get out of the abstract, I will look at the way this question is incarnated through the biblical story of Job and the stories of contemporary Christians. Over a period of eight months, I will meet with a small group of chaplains from the Reformed Church in America. Our first 2-day colloquy will focus on the biblical story of Job—a resource often misunderstood and overlooked as Christians grapple with this question. The second colloquy will invite the chaplains to discuss, critique and advise me on the draft of a novel I have written about my uncle—a WWII chaplain who wrestled with the “keeping the faith” question after witnessing the horrors of Buchenwald. In the third colloquy, the chaplains will share short drafts of their own “Job” stories. This collaborative project is designed to enrich the lives and ministries of these five chaplains, but also honors their expertise by inviting them to participate in shaping stories that could potentially touch a much broader audience.