Returning to the Source: Doing Womanist Theology in Community

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In spite of the fact that Black women comprise an estimated 75-80% of their congregations, to date there have been few theological, educational resources that help women who are Black and Christian develop their faith or respond effectively to the various issues they must face on behalf of themselves and their families and communities. How can Christian womanist religious scholarship be transported from the “ivory towers” of academia into everyday religious communities in order to construct an accessible edited volume focused on womanist theology that will aid Black women who presently find difficulty in translating theological resources into their ministerial contexts? This multiphase project proposes to work on answering this urgent question by seeking funding support to facilitate consultations between Black women scholars and clergy in an effort to make womanist theological themes and approaches more accessible to Black churchwomen as well as making womanism more relevant for Black Christian faith in relation to the contemporary realities of Black Christian women's lives. From the insights gleaned from these consultations and church-based conversations with focus groups, womanist resources for teaching and research book will be developed for the promise of enhancing the learning and training of Black women clergy for more meaningful ministry in their congregations and communities.