Practices of Decoloniality among Pastoral Leaders of Color in Mainline Protestant Traditions

“This research seeks to gather knowledge about decolonial practices of pastoral leaders of color that push their ministries beyond the boundaries of diversity, inclusion, and anti-racist efforts. ”

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Kristina I. Lizardy-Hajbi Iliff School of Theology Contact Me

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Pastoral leaders of color are engaging in important decolonial and anticolonial practices, often at the edges of their traditions. This project seeks to interview such leaders who explicitly articulate aspects of their work as resisting and/or dismantling colonialism. Deepened understandings, coupled with practices, that interrogate, dismantle, restore, and reimagine life for faith communities and ministries—especially for individuals of color who have been more immediately impacted by colonialism’s ongoing impacts beyond the historical, in a variety of ways depending on culture, history, and context—can move us into more foundational transformations within mainline traditions that remain fixated largely on issues of diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism with no connection to the ongoing colonial frameworks that underlie these issues.