Assistance of U.S. Catholic Ministries in Helping Vietnamese American Catholics Adapt to U.S. Society

“… Vietnamese American youth help them to reconcile their traditional family roles and values with those available to them in the United States? ”

Team Members/Contributors

Jonathon Lee Wiggins Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate Contact Me
Thu Do Saint Louis University Contact Me

About this project grant for researchers

This project will examine the role Catholic ministries play in helping or impeding adjustment to life in the United States for Vietnamese American Catholic women and youth. The project will examine females of all ages, including the youth, comparing their experience with those of males. Among the youth, the project especially focuses on those who are second- and subsequent-generation immigrants, comparing their experiences of church to those of first-generation immigrants and to adults. To research these topics, the research team will conduct in-pew surveys in five parishes or diocesan ministries that primarily serve Vietnamese American Catholics, conduct focus groups at three sites with women, conduct focus groups at three sites with youth, and interview three ministry leaders about their experiences ministering to women and youth. The results of the study will be presented in a user-friendly Special Report that includes a summary of the findings and recommendations. The report and presentations about the findings will be shared with the participating ministries and relevant Church organizations and leaders.