Daniel Lord, S.J., The Restless Flame: Thinking Big in a Parochial World

“…. A study of the life and work of Daniel Lord can provide valuable lessons about what worked in Lord’s time and what might work in the present. ”

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The lack of a definitive treatment of the life and work of Daniel Lord, S.J. leaves a gap in our knowledge of American religion and American Catholicism in the 20th century. A tireless worker, Daniel Lord wrote 30 books, over 300 pamphlets, and 70 plays and pageants. Fr. Lord used the tools of his modern century to pass on the timeless message of his faith.

Daniel Lord ran the Sodality, a Catholic youth movement, and edited its monthly magazine: The Queen’s Work. He organized the Summer Schools of Catholic Action to teach and motivate young people and the priests, religious, and lay leaders who worked with them. He wrote extensively about vocations and gave attention to the importance of Catholic women religious. He wrote the Hollywood Production Code of 1931 and the 1936 Papal Encyclical on motion pictures: Vigilanti Cura. He fought racism and anti-Semitism.

Daniel Lord is an example of what imagination, relentless hard work, innovation, and constant starting anew can accomplish. My goal is to write the definitive study of his work to be titled: Daniel Lord, S.J., The Restless Flame: Thinking Big in a Parochial World.

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