Christian Theology in Digital Culture

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This is a research project focused on the impact of technology -- especially digital media and mobile communication devices -- on the contemporary practices of Christian theology and spirituality. The project's goal is a published book and multimedia website that give expert and accessible introductions to the central characteristics of digital culture, as well as the key issues and best practices in Christian negotiation and reshaping of digital culture based on shared values and beliefs.

A distinctive feature of this research project and proposed book, which sets it apart from prior treatments of Christian ministry and technology, is the literary-critical and historical orientation of central parts of the book. The project seeks innovative and meaningful comparisons between the Gutenberg revolution of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the current digital revolution. Central to this historical comparison is literary-critical analysis of the genres, or literary forms, of the Biblical text, and the ways these textual forms shape both the communication technology, and also the spiritual disciplines of past and present eras.

Another distinctive quality of this project is its focus on theological praxis and spiritual disciplines as means to negotiating with digital culture, and to reshaping digital technology's influence on Christian identity, community, and authority. Part of this praxis-orientation is the project's development of multimedia resources for reflection and an action on uses of technology in theological education, Christian ministry, and Christian life in general.

The project seeks to produce an introductory and orienting text and website that is of interest and accessible to both ecclesial and academic audiences.