Finding the Zen between Church and Family Commitment of Chinese American Church Leaders

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The Asian American population has experienced the fastest rate of growth compared to other major ethnic groups over the last decade (US Census Bureau, 2010). Within this diverse group, Chinese Americans constitutes more than a quarter of the Asian population. As such, the leaders of Chinese American churches play a crucial role in serving the Chinese American population. Surprisingly, little research has focused on the ministry-family balance of the Chinese American church leaders. Chinese American church leaders are likely to spend extremely long hours in church ministry, which decreases the amount of quality time they get to spend with their spouse and children. This proposed study examines the unique set of challenges Chinese American church leaders face in their ministry, and the extent to which ministry stress affects psychological well-being and family relations. Moreover, protective factors that may promote well-being, adjustment, and positive family relationships will be identified. The work of this study will provide a basis for the design and development of a prevention/intervention program targeting Chinese American church leaders.