Case Studies for Prisoner Reentry

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About this project grant for researchers

More than 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated, while another five million are either on parole or probation. While much has been done on the topic of prisoner reentry, few works have addressed the topic of faith-based prisoner reentry and none have dedicated an entire work to the subject with the expressed purpose of bridging the gap between pastors and academics. By providing a synthetic analysis of faith-based prisoner reentry research, as well as case studies based on primary data, the proposed study will provide the basis for research and practice reports, filling a void in the academic and pastoral literature. Further, it will provide pastors and church leaders with information that will help the church in its mission to do unto to the least of these. The subjects are a group of 40 churches in the Philadelphia Area working in a close-knit network to provide spiritual as well as social and supportive services to ex-inmates. The proposed study seeks to promulgate pastors’ experience and knowledge to other congregations seeking to start prisoner reentry programs. Because the proposed study utilizes scientific methodology, academics will also benefit from a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the role of congregations in prisoner reentry.