Trauma: Repairing Worlds

“In contemporary trauma studies, there has been increasing attention given to the ways trauma must be addressed beyond individualistic interventions; yet many North American scholars, pastors, and spiritual leaders still suffer from eurocentric theological and practical bias which stifle how Christian spiritualities might engage trauma across intercultural, intersectional, and intergenerational realities. ”

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Aizaiah Gregory Yong Claremont School of Theology Contact Me

About this first book grant for scholars of color

With the increasing ubiquity of trauma in contemporary North American life, it is vital that Christian scholars, pastors, and leaders continue to identify their own approaches (theological and practical) of how they engage such massive personal, institutional, and ecological disruptions. While the mystery of the cross has long been a central symbol within Christianity writ large, Christian spiritualities have traditionally emphasized resurrection or “victory over death” which have perpetuated (and spiritually justified) patterns and practices of trauma avoidance, denial, or dismissal. This book seeks to re-center the presence of trauma and the reality of suffering as integral to a 21st century renewal of Christian spirituality. And with an emphasis on embodied testimony, a focus on intergenerational and racialized traumas, along with a deployment of contemporary psycho-spiritual paradigms of healing; new inisights emerge by which Christian theology, spirituality, and practice/s can be reimagined.