Emerging Filipino American Theology in Relationship to the Economy, Community, and Ecumenical Church in the context of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“As nurses, caregivers, hospitality workers, and other service industry folks, Filipino Americans are the forgotten Asian Americans and in a time where their professions are needed most, Anti-Asian sentiment has become violent, and the need for community and faith has increased, they have also become integral and essential agents during the Covid 19 pandemic. ”

Team Members/Contributors

Joyce del Rosario Pacific School of Religion Contact Me
Neal Presa Village Community Presbyterian Church, International Theological Seminary, & Univ. of the Free State Contact Me
Lisa Asedillo Graduate Division of Religion at Drew Theological School Contact Me
Melissa Borja University of Michigan Contact Me
Rachel A.R. Bundang Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York Contact Me
Gabriel J Catanus Garden City Covenant Church Contact Me

About this collaborative inquiry team discontinued

This study will investigate Filipino American theology, spiritual resilience, and religious institutions in relation to the social and economic challenges produced by Covid-19. For instance, how has the Filipino American workforce been affected in nursing, the military, and the cruise industry? What impact have those economic realities had on their idea of the American Dream? How do current Filipino American responses to the current crisis relate to deeper histories of resilience in the context of colonization and political, economic, and social marginalization? What has shaped our culture of resiliency, and can that be implemented in this time as well? How do trans-migrational realities inform the Filipino American experience?